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Creating cutting-edge content requires a well-oiled team of creative talent. But what is what in the world of content creation? To make sense of the many roles involved and just what it is your team needs to succeed, read on. We’ve got it all.

Responsible for the unpaid communication. Expert on packaging complex thoughts to easy-to-understand communication. When the crisis hit your door the Press and PR specialist should keep you calm and analyze what to communicate to media, customers and the market.

Responsible for overall content production, for both print and digital outlets. In charge of editorial quality of content and delivery, as well as overseeing publishing and marketing KPIs.

Responsible for producing content, on all channels. A competent writer, this role is responsible for concept and content production, as well as managing the workflow between editors and writers. The content manager also follows up on the communication’s success through analysis.

Responsible for overall production of content on digital channels. In charge of editorial quality of content and delivery, as well as overseeing publishing and marketing KPIs for digital channels.

Moving seamlessly between various content types, this role creates the best imaginable messaging for all media outlets, competently switching gears between web, social channels, podcasts, video, etc.

An expert at collecting data, this role analyses data and produces insight reports to understand, for example, target group’s behaviour to create the basis for target market segmentation, or to develop channel-specific content. Collaborates with the overall team to develop new creative concepts.

Quickly and easily hops between various subjects, always the master of various editorial styles, and can produce content for a wide variety of formats – everything from articles to announcements, adapting each to the specific channel.

Primarily responsible for product design and layout, while also managing the overarching design language and visuals. This role also contributes creative concepts to individual projects. Comes up with image ideas for photo shoots and is on location during production. Also serves as the point of contact for outsourcing talent, such as hiring in photographers and illustrators.

Works alongside the content creation team, with tasks varying from project to project. Produces everything from graphic identity, site structures and UX to web design, while ensuring the digital platform is aligned with project goals.

Manages film productions and develops concepts and ideas for filmed content for all channels. This person writes scripts, films and edits content, and is responsible for ensuring the delivered filmed material is of a high quality.

Responsible for daily production work, including planning, scheduling (particularly when it comes to multi-channel solutions), project management, and budgeting. This person is an expert at identifying client needs in terms of planning, business intelligence, target audience analysis, and media selection/distribution/ circulation.

Translates briefs and content strategies into tactical goals, KPIs, target groups, and distribution channels for specific projects. Understands the mechanics of how announcements work on major social channels – primarily Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Analyses data to understand segmentation and creates target groups for each respective channel, and experiments with and knows when to run an A/B test to push a project forwards, and how to optimize post performance.

Analyses existing platforms from an SEO perspective, both in terms of content and technicalities. Optimises headlines, URLs, etc to ensure maximum reach. Analyses the end goals of the communication, and identifies a certain number of sectors in which to devote time and resources. Undertakes keyword research to identify which words will help the client appear where they want their communication to appear. Optimizes content based on most-searched keywords.

Rob Hincks

Rob Hincks

Business Director

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